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This is the sign up area for joining the Couple's Workstation. If you need more information about the Workstation before you proceed, be sure to Tour the Couple's Workstation and/or read the article, "Imagine! Couple's Workstation" on the Home Page.

This section of the WEB requires that you register as a member. The reason for this is that it is essential that those who use this section understand the limits of the WEB regarding the application of these principles to a particular couple.

Once you are a Registered Member and have accepted the conditions of use, you can visit and use the Workstation without having to go through the registration process again. Sorry for the delay, but it is essential that we present this work consistent with high regard for professional and ethical considerations.

Membership Fees:
The cost of membership is less than one maritial therapy session per year in most parts of the United States.

If you would like to explore the Couple's Workstation before you decide on a full year's membership, we recommend that you join on a monthly basis until you agree that the Couple's Workstation is absolutely appropriate for you.

$15 per month for a monthly membership
$40 per quarter for a quarterly membership (save $20 annually)
$120 each year for an annual membership (save $60 annually)

Privacy Statement:
Click here to read about our privacy policies. You must agree to these before you can become a member.

General Statement of Policy and Limits to the Web Site:
Click here to read. It also a requirement that you agree to these policies and limits before you can become a member.

Because of our concern to maintain the highest ethical and legal standards, it is necessary that you indicate that you agree with each of the following statements. Check the box if you agree with each statement.

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I have read the above statements regarding Privacy and the General Statement of Policy and Limits to the Web Site and I agree to accept and abide by these terms and policies.
I understand that Brainerd Psychological Association is presenting this information as an educational service and is not recommending their application for me or for all couples in general.
I accept full responsibility for whether or not I use these ideas and processes and for the consequences of using these ideas and processes.
I understand that Gary Brainerd, Ph.D. cannot give psychological advice regarding individuals or couples without assessing them in person. Questions should be about the processes themselves, not about personal issues.
Privacy. I understand that there is some risk to my privacy in the World Wide WEB. Even though significant attempts have been made to assure my privacy, I understand that there are no complete protections from hackers on the WEB and other breaches. I am willing to accept this risk and will hold Gary Brainerd, Ph.D. and other site personnel harmless should my privacy be violated.
I agree to hold Gary Brainerd, Ph.D. and other site personnel harmless from any harm that my come from using or applying any and all of the principles, suggestions, processes and forms presented in this WEB site. I assume full responsibility for how I use and apply any of these principles or processes and for the results that emerge.
I understand that in order to keep costs down there is a no-refund policy in my joining. (If you are concerned about this, we recommend the one month trial membership)
I have read and agree to the general statement of policy and limits to this web site.