General Statement of Policies and Limits


General Statement of Policies for and Limits to and the Couple's Workstation.

Agreement with and acceptance of the following is necessary to become a member of the Couple’s Workstation.

I understand that applying the ideas and processes presented at this Workstation is not a guarantee of any particular result. The ideas and processes presented may work for some individuals and not others. No specific result can be guaranteed or anticipated and implementing these ideas and processes will require effort on my part to have the ideas and processes be successful.

Hold Harmless Agreement
I agree to hold Gary Brainerd, Ph.D. and his sponsors harmless from all injuries, emotional distress, harm and any claims or litigation of any type which may arise in any way from my use of the ideas and processes presented at this Workstation and from my accessing this Workstation, except for injuries which are due to the sole negligence of Gary Brainerd, Ph.D.

Governing Law
I understand that my use of this Workstation and the ideas and processes presented and any and all disputes arising from my accessing the Workstation or using the ideas and processes is governed by the law of the State of California.

Arbitration and Venue
In the event that a dispute arises between any user of this Workstation and Dr. Gary Brainerd relating in any way to the use of ideas or processes or accessing of the Workstation, any disputes are subject to mandatory arbitration under California Code of Civil Procedure § 1280 et seq. The parties agree that in the event a dispute arises the aggrieved party's recourse is to notify the other party in writing of the intent to invoke the arbitration clause. If the party receiving the written notice objects to an arbitration then the aggrieved party may file a petition in accordance with the California Code of Civil Procedure § 1281.1 in the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the County of Los Angeles in the branch court in Pasadena. Venue shall lie only in the Superior Court in and for the County of Los Angeles and the Pasadena branch of said court. Any arbitration shall be conducted as specified in California Code of Civil Procedure § 1282.2 et seq. By electing to proceed with this agreement a user is waiving his or her right to a jury trial and electing to have arbitration as the only option for dispute resolution.

No Modifications
The terms of access to the site and for the use of the ideas and processes contained therein cannot be waived by anyone without the express written consent of Dr. Gary Brainerd obtained in advance. No verbal modifications to any of the terms of access to the site are allowed.

I further understand that participating in the activities on this website may be therapeutic, but it is not considered to be a substitute for consulting a licensed mental health provider for treatment. It is also not to be considered a substitute for individual or marital therapy for individuals in need of these interventions. This includes those experiencing such symptoms as alcohol or drug abuse, anxiety disorders or panic attacks, major depression, suicidal impulses or history of attempts, intense anger and rage, spouse abuse, dissociative disorders, or other mental disorders that consist of or result in injurious behavior to self or others.

Membership Age Restrictions
In addition, most states do not allow minors to enter into contracts without parental consent. By electing to proceed with accessing this website each person is representing that he or she is over the age of 18 and able to enter into legally binding agreements in his or her state.

Linked Websites
A contractual arrangement may exist between some referring websites linked to the couples' work-fun-love station providing for 15% of membership fees for each couple referred.

Some websites are seamlessly linked to the Couple’s Workstation and remain connected during the member’s visit. These are Gateway websites and are identified by the information at the top of your screen when you are using the WorkStation. With these websites a contractual arrangement exists that provides a profit to the Gateway web after fees for renting the workstation are deducted. These websites may also provide additional help for members of the Couple’s Workstation.