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General Information


How the Couple’s Garden Works

Couple's Garden Chapters may be sponsored by licensed Mental Health Professionals or non-profit agencies such as churches, synagogues, etc.

When you agree with a partner to do the Couple's Garden experience, you are agreeing to up to five or six special "Smart Date Nights" over a period of time.  These dates are usually scheduled by the Sponsoring organization.

It is also recommended that you schedule all your "smart date nights" ASAP.  Put them on your calendar, in your daily planner, wherever you can and then make them a number one priority. The secret is scheduling and prioritizing.

What is a "Couple's Garden Smart Date Night"?
A Couple's Garden Smart Date Night is a date night with a twist.  It's a regular dinner date in the sense that you will make reservations for dinner at your favorite romantic restaurant and plan to spend an evening of enjoyment, pleasure and fun together.  But it will be what we call a "smart" date night, because you will be availing yourselves of valuable information about the care and nurture of relationships, you will be developing skills in care and nurture and you will be using communication exercises developed by professionals.  Hundreds of couples have found this to be invaluable and even transforming.  We hope this will be true for you as well.

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