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General Information


Therapy Information

Dr. Brainerd has offices in Pasadena and Encino, California. Appointments can be made by phone at: 626-577-2628.

Most couples will want or need to have at least three months of couples therapy, where they will meet regularly together with their therapist.

We are also a general practice and work with individuals and families as well as couples.

Couples needing help who find private couples's therapy outside their budget will want to consider the following:

1. Join the Couple's Workstation (See Take the Tour)

2. The Couple's Garden "Smart Date Night" program can be seen as a mini-workshop online with special communication suggestions to help couples staty connected and understand important information about relationships.  Click Here for More Information.

3. Workshps are a very cost effective way of getting help.  See the Workshops on the lower left hand side of the screen.  Note that no personal sharing with other couples is required.

Main Address:

Brainerd Psychological Association
595 E. Colorado Blvd. Suite 405
Pasadena, CA 91101

Encino Address

1633 Ventura Blvd.

Suite 1340

Encino, CA 91436

Email Address: General Information: Questions@Relationship-Help.com

Private Couples Retreat

Couples, particularly those outside of Southern California, may wish to consider a "Private Retreat" and arrange for an intensive period of couples counseling.

Sometimes couples need more than a workshop and sometimes even private couples therapy does not provide the right combination of personal time with a therapist and intense focus on a relationship for more than an hour at a time. Also, a couple's work and family schedule may make it difficult to do weekly therapy. Many couples have found the private couples retreats to be just what they need.

A Private Couples Retreat is essentially a workshop format for an individual couple with lots of time with a therapist. The couple cycles through sessions with the therapist, private writing time and dialogue time with each other. The day usually starts with an hour to an hour and a half with a therapist. After the therapy session the couple will go to a separate office to do writing and quiet reflection on the relationship and the problems. After an hour or so, the couple will spend time in dialogue with each other alone. After this, they will spend another hour or so with the therapist. The therapist will help them through any stuck spots and them give them additional writing and dialoguing assignments for the next period of time.

A given couple may have 2-3 sessions with the therapist in any one day. One or more days of this process may be scheduled. Couples will only pay for the time spent with the therapist. There is no charge for time-spent writing or in dialogue alone.

Usually couples who schedule a Private Couples Retreat have already been to a Getting the Love You Want Workshop. However, that is not a requirement. Some couples may prefer or need a private retreat before they attend a workshop.

The regular fee is based on a $185.00 for a 50 minute session or $277.50 for a 75 minute session. (A little higher in the Encino office, and on weekends and evenings after 6:00 p.m.) Couples are free to design their own schedule and the amount of time in each session with the therapist. The seventy-five minute session is recommended.

Please call or email for more information or for scheduling your own private retreat.


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