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Delight your partner with a "Smart Date Night"

Congratulations for checking this out.  As you read through this try to imagine a romantic restaurant and conversation that is fun and meaningful at the same time--full of appreciations and a safe way of sharing that is designed to help you feel warm and connected.  You will refelct on the ideas you heard in an online presentation.  Sign up now and delight your spouse/partner.

The idea of a "Date Night" that deepens and strengthens a relationship is relatively new in our cultue but has been very successful where it has been done.

To register, click on the Smart Date Night menu item on the left side of your screen.  Do it now and delight your partner.

Note that you can sign up for a "Season Ticket" (Three Date Nights for the price of two) or for individual Date Night.  Also note that the schedule for your date is flexible.

What is a "Couple's Garden™ Smart Date Night"?

A Couple's Garden™ Smart Date Night is a date night with a twist.  It's a regular dinner date in the sense that you will make reservations for dinner at your favorite romantic restaurant and plan to spend an evening of enjoyment, pleasure and fun together.  But it will be what we call a "smart" date night, because you will be availing yourselves of valuable information about the care and nurture of relationships, you will be developing skills in care and nurture and you will be using communication exercises developed by professionals.  Hundreds of couples have found this to be invaluable and even transforming.  We hope this will be true for you as well.

Usually these Seminars are held at a church or other sponsoring organizations location.   This one is an online seminar where people from around the world can attend.  Please join us.

How it works.

1.  Preparation Sheets.

A week or so prior to the online Seminar, each partner will receive an email with tips and suggestions on some easy preparations for the date night that will truly make it fun and memorable.

2.  The Online Seminar

Just before your "Date" you will tune into an online seminar presented by an expert in relationship therapy.  The Seminar will be presented by Dr. Gary Brainerd, a clinical psychologist in private practice in Southern California.  The topic will be The Four Legged Stool.

3.  Communication Suggestions

At the end of the Seminar, you will receive by email communication suggestions on ways of building, strengthening and nourishing your relationship.  Print these out and take them to the restaurant of your choice  and use them to focus on loving and nurturing each other, using the information and worksheets received in the session.

When you register for the Smart Date Night, we will send you information on the online address and more information on how it all works. 

What if the date and time won't work for us?

You can watch and listen later.  Your Communication Suggestions and Preparation Emails will happen on the regular schedule, but you can have your date night on your own schedule.

A Season Ticket to Each Other

The Couple's Garden is an organization that provides for regular "Smart Date Nights" for couples.  It is based on the idea that marriage is like a garden.  If you tend to it carefully, water it regularly, feed it generously, it will grow into a place that is beautiful and nourishing.  However, if it is neglected, unattended, starved, it will dry up and become an unpleasant place.  The Couple's Garden approach believes that mal-nourishment rather than pathology is a main problem for many relationships.

We are inviting you to schedule a "date" with your partner on July 31, 2009..  Just prior to your "Date" you will attend a 1 hour seminar on the care and nourishing of relationships.  The emphasis on Couple's Garden Seminars is nourishment and enjoyment rather than on working on difficult parts of the relationship.  Couple's will receive information and suggestions about how relationships can be developed and cared for.

The Title

The title, Couple's Garden™  comes from the observation that marriage is like a garden.  If it is carefully attended, regularly watered, periodically pruned and given the proper nourishment, it will grow into a place that is beautiful and pleasant.  It will be nourishing, enjoyable, a place one looks forward to at the end of a long day.

However, if it is neglected, not watered, not nourished, not pruned, it can grow dry and dead, a place where only thistles and weeds can grow.  Being present in such a garden is not pleasant, but only a reminder of gardening failures.

The danger for most marriages is malnourishment, not pathology.  In an era of two career couples, a fast paced life and demands from a busy and exacting world, our marriages are often the thing we take for granted, and ironically our marriages become our first selection for neglect.

Note:  The registration form only allows for entering one person's email.  Please use the comments area to enter your partner's email address.  Write for information on how to host a group and for the group rate.

Also note that the cancellation policy is for one and two day workshops





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