"Gateway Providers" of The Couple's Workstation
A place where you can actually work on your relationship in the safety and privacy of your home!

The following are the "Gateway" websites in Colorado where you can preview, join and/or login to the Couple's Workstation. The "Gateway Providers" are listed according to location. Please visit the "Gateway Provider" website of your choice. It might be best to choose one near you. Look for the Couple's Workstation link on the site, then click on that link. There you can "Take the Tour" if you haven't already or you can "Join as a Member".

Thank you for your interest. We believe that the Couple's Workstation, the result of thousands of thoughtful hours, is a wonderful support system for committed couples and a valuable resource for therapists working with couples..

If you have any questions, please write to your Gateway Provider or to: garybrainerd@earthlink.net.

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