If you are on a smart phone, you may find it more workable to access this Gateway through your regular computer.  On your computer, go to http://relationship-help.com/gp_ImagoResearch.asp 


The various Gateway Providers will receive a portion of the Couples Workstation fee.  Couples who join through this link will have a portion of their fee (25%) ear-marked for research in Imago Relationship Therapy. The funds will either be given directly to Imago Relationship International or will be available to other researchers who desire to research certain aspects of the Imago Approach.


Researchers interested may email garybrainerd@relationship-help.com

Thank you for your interest and your desire to support Imago Therapy.  . We believe that the Couple’s Workstation, and Imago based program, is a wonderful support system for committed couples and now can help support the Imago research effort..

If you have any questions regarding the reseach options, please write to: garybrainerd@earthlink.net.

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Support for research in Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Research Click the link below

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