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Couple's Workstation Gift Certificates

A gift of a Couple's Workstation membership is indeed a gift that will keep on giving. Anyone who wants to make their partner feel loved and cared about in ways that are uniquely true for that person will love receiving a gift of a membership. If you need more information or wonder, "What is the Couple's Workstation", be sure and "Take the Tour" by clicking on the menu at the top or the left of your screen.

Special Holiday Gift Opportunities

Each Holiday Season we offer a special Free Gift Certificate, good for two Free months in the Couple's Workstation.  You can us this for yourself or you can give it to a good friend or relative.  Just write to garybrainerd@relationship-help.com and request the Word file for the Certificate or Certificates you desire.  We will also send you flyer, explaining the Workstation that you might want to give along with the gift Certificate.  These are available during December of each year.

Annual Membership Gift Certificates

  1 -        $120.00
  2-5 -    $100.00 each
 6-10 -   $85.00 each

Quarter Membership Gift Certificates

  1 -       $40.00
  2-5 -    $35.00 each
  6-10 -  $30.-- each

Bulk rates must be the same style Certificate and will be sent to the same address.

To order, copy and paste the following form to an email , fill it out and send it to
customerservice@ Relationship-Help.Com .

 To: The Couple's Workstation:

Please send Gift Certificates to the following address:

 Name: __________________________________
 Address: ________________________________
 City, State, Zip,: __________________________
 Country: ________________________

 Day Phone: __________________________

Indicate the Kind of Certificates you would like and the number of each.

Merry Christmas

  ______Annual Membership
  ______Quarter Membership

Happy Hanukkah

  ______Annual Membership
  ______Quarter Membership

Happy Holiday

  ______Annual Membership
  ______Quarter Membership

  ______Annual Membership
  ______Quarter Membership 

Payment Plan: Check the payment plan you will be using.

___ I am a member of the Couple's Workstation. Use my credit card

___ Use the following Credit Card information:

Name on Card:____________________________________________________________________
Card Number: _____________________________________________________________________
Expiration Date: ____________________________________________________________________
Zip code of Cardholder' billing address: __________________________________________________

___ I prefer to give Credit Card Info by phone. I will call 626-577-2628, Ext 3 and leave my information or I will request a call back.

___ I will send a check or Credit Card Info to: The Couple's Workstation, 595 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 405, Pasadena, CA 91101 - (Add $8.00 for extra processing fee)

Gift Certificates will include a Certificate with the Receiver's name plus a gift envelope and a brochure or flyer about the Couple's Workstation.

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