"Gateway Providers" of The Couple’s Workstation
A place where you can actually work on your relationship in the safety and privacy of your home and receive important email "reminders" about what is uniquely important to your partner!

Scroll down to find a Gateway Provider near you or one you would like to support.

A "Gateway Provider" is a website that offers an entrance or "gateway" to the Couple's Workstation.


You may find it more efficient to access the Gateway Providers through your regular computer, particularly if you are using a smart phone.  Many websites are not yet mobile friendly. 

The goal is to have Gateway Providers in every major city and with National Groups.  While working on that you can join immediately through two National Links:

1.  Relationship-Help.Com where profits will be used to further develop the Relationship Help APP and the Couples Workstation


2.  Imago Therapy Research, were profits will go toward research in Imago Relationship Therapy, essential to the Relationship Help APP

Check back periodically to see when the other Gateways will be added.

If you have any questions, please write to: Questions@Relationship-Help.Com


Click on any Link below to find a Gateway Provider near you or one you would like to support.


Imago Therapy Research


Relationship Help APP and .Com


On either of these sites, you can Take the Tour, Join as a Member or Login once you are a member.