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Take a Conscious Relationship Test
Gary Brainerd
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Take a Conscious Relationship Test

Take a Conscious Relationship Test

(True or False)

1. ___ We have less than two spontaneous fight per month.

2. ___ We are regularly responding positively to our partner's requests for behavior change.

3. ___ We are giving caring behaviors almost daily.

4. ___ Criticisms have been virtually eliminated from our relationship.

5. ___ We rarely miss a month for giving surprises.

6. ___ We are skilled in communication skills and use them regularly (at least weekly).

7. ___ We remember and respond to each others hurts and sensitivities in a healing way.

8. ___ We share appreciations for big and little things almost daily.

9. ___ We laugh together several times a week.

10. ___ We regularly ask for what we need and want without demanding.

11. ___ We rarely avoid approaching each other gently about hurts, frustrations, triggers.

12. ___ We regularly make time for the work of nurturing our relationship.

Understanding Your Relationship Consciousness Score

Add all the number of "False" answers.

0-2 "False" Answers - You are doing great. Attending a workshop or becoming a Couple’s Workstation member would be a luxury or just a consolidation of what you are doing. Keep it up.

3-4 "False" Answers - You are well on your way. A workshop or the Couples Workstation may be just what the doctor ordered to support your continuing work. It would not, however, be considered essential.

5-6 "False" Answers - You are doing well and you have work to do. Give serious consideration to attending a workshop or joining the Couple’s Workstation.

7-9 "False" Answers - It probably is essential that you get some kind of additional support. Consider a workshop and/or some individual work with an Imago trained therapist. Be sure to join the Couples Workstation.

10-12 "False" Answers - Run, don't walk, to your nearest relationship resource. Call our office for referral, scheduling of appointments or information about other resources.

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