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Help, I'm Getting Married!
Gary Brainerd
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Pre-Marital Help

Congratulations for your interest in pre-marriage counseling or help.  We believe couples who are wise enough to recognize the need to prepare for marriage are clearly a cut above average and will have a much greater chance for success and satisfaction in their marriage.

There are different approaches for pre-marital counseling.  We offer three options:

  1. Counseling.  For couples who live in the Southern California area, we offer a series of pre-marital counseling session.  Usually a couple will want or need 4-6 sessions, but the number of sessions is flexible. 

    If you are engaged and the wedding date has been set, we offer a 25% reduction in our regular fees.  We recommend that these sessions occur weekly, but the frequency can be adjusted as needed.

    Couples will learn communication skills, information about what to expect, the source of most conflict for couples and they will receive 3 free months in the Couple’s Workstation with the option of an annual membership at ˝ price.

    For more information about counseling or therapy, Click Here.
  2. Workshops.  We offer two weekend workshops for couples – both of which will serve as excellent preparation for marriage.  We also offer a 25% discount for those whose wedding date has been set.  The weekend workshop will give you up to 20 hours of instruction and will cost less than 5-6 hours of individual counseling.

    Graduates will also receive 3 free months in the Couple’s Workstation with the option of a ˝ price annual membership at the end of that time.

    For more information on Workshops or Seminars, Click Here.
  3. The Couple’s Workstation.  For couples who wish to receive good preparation for marriage but for a variety of reasons do not find either workshops or counseling feasible, the Couple’s Workstation may be a good option to consider.  It is considerably less expensive that counseling or workshops and is accessible wherever the Internet is accessible. 

    The Couples Workstation is the membership area of this website and allows couples to study and work on and learn skills about their relationship.  A unique feature is the reminder system, where partners will receive email reminders about needs and issues and behaviors that are particular important to their spouse.

    To Tour the Couple’s Workstation, Click Here
    To join the Workstation for a free first month, Click Here.

    If your wedding date has been set, you will qualify for an annual membership of only $80.00. 

    Be sure to include a membership in the Couple’s Workstation on your Wedding Gift Registry.





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