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Getting Online Help for Your Relationship
Gary Brainerd
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Online Relationship

Online Relationship/Marriage Help

There are hundreds of websites now that are either relationship oriented or have areas that are relationship oriented.  The majority of them are presenting counseling services, announcing workshops and selling books.  Many of them will also include articles and valuable information about relationships and you can indeed learn a lot about relationships and receive general relationship advice by surfing the web.

We wanted to offer much more than this in the creation of www.relationship-help.com . 

The Couple’s Workstation is a membership area that is unique on the Web.  It was designed for people who are willing to give some serious thought and energy to their relationship and who are willing to grow and stretch in small doable steps.  The Workstation uses forms and processes used by some of the best relationship therapists.  Each partner has his or her own private Work area.  You will be taught how to fill out a form that helps you analyze and understand the relationship frustrations that emerge for every couple.  And you will be taught how to identify the ways you and your partner enjoy being loved. 

Best of all, as you do the work on your Workstation, you and your partner will receive non-intrusive email reminders about the issues you have each identified as important and significant.  We believe that couples must become smart and intelligent about their relationship, learn how to develop relationship action plans and then receive regular support to remember and do the things that will make the relationship great.

One of the things professionals have discovered about marriage or intimate, committed relationships is that what one partner needs the most, the other will not be able to give without facing and dealing with some old fears or concerns, or without growing or developing skills or abilities that were not fully developed in childhood.  Sorry, good relationship are just not “easy”!  Because of this need to “grow and develop” by facing some difficult anxieties, we have found that gentle reminders are important to keep people fully aware and conscious and on the path toward the relationship they want.

The first month in the Couples Workstation is free because we want you to taste and see the uniqueness of this program.  Click on Take the Tour in the left hand column menu to see a complete overview of the Workstation.  Or you can click on Join as a Member to take advantage of our free first month offer.  Be sure to use the Certificate number provided.

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