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Relationship Counseling or Therapy
Gary Brainerd
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Whether it’s called couples therapy, couples counseling, marriage therapy, marriage counseling or relationship therapy, what we are talking about is usually a therapeutic relationship with a professional that involves both parties of a couple rather than just one person.   Not all professional counselors or psychologists are skilled in marital or relationship counseling and if you are searching for someone or some program to work with, you will be wise to find out what portion of their practice is with couples and what specific training or education he or she has had in working with couples.  Dr Brainerd is one of the very small group of clinical psychologists who has specialized in relationship therapy.

There are several reasons why seeing a therapist together as a couple rather than each person seeing either different therapists or the same therapist.  First, there is a very special and unusual complementary dynamic in intimate, committed relationships that emerges most clearly when the couple is seen together and it is very important that couples learn to deeply understand the unconscious processes that got them together and the underlying dynamics that make relationships so painful and confusing at times.  (See How We Really Choose Our Mates and Three Brains and a Partner)

Secondly, no relationship will work well without effective communication skills and other relationship skills.  These are best taught, understood and practiced with each other rather than trying to learn these alone.  For more information, see Communication is the Key or take the tour of the Couple’s Workstation.

If you are interested in counseling or therapy with Dr. Brainerd see “How to Contact us”.

Other options to consider are taking a workshop or a Seminar for couples or joining the Couple’s Workstation, our online membership area for couples. The first month is free.

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