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Communication is the Key
Gary Brainerd
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If you are finding yourself in repeated arguments that seem to go nowhere, if communication attempts frequently end in frustration rather than resolution, if you are finding that the affectionate communication with your partner is getting less and less, you have correctly identified the need as a communication problem.?Searching for help was an important first step. Good for you to get here.

Communication is consistently ranked as the Number One problem in marriages and committed intimate relationships.?Problems in Relationship Communication rank well above sex, leisure time conflicts, parenting conflicts, in-laws and money when couples are describing marriage or relationship problems.? That, of course, makes sense since communication skills are required to address all of the other problems couples face.

Relationships require many different kinds of couple communication skills.? Effective marriage communication includes listening skills, problem solving skills, skill in learning the partner’s “love language?(the words, touches and behaviors that cause the partner to feel loved and cared about) and skill in building on the areas of agreement and dealing with differences.

Because marriage communication is so important, the membership area of this website, The Couple’s Workstation, offers many areas related to strengthening a couples communication skills.?For example, not only are members taught how to identify their partner’s love language, but also they will receive periodic email reminders about the words, touches and behaviors that are particularly important to their partner.

Click here to join the Couples Workstation for a free month.?

Or if you would like to “Take a Tour?of the Couple’s Workstation before you join, Click Here to “Take the Tour?/span>.

The Couples Workstation also teaches two process in effective listening skills and in learning to honor, respect and deal with differences.?

Searching on the Web for help with communication was an important first step.? Joining the Workstation for a free month’s trial period will be an important second step.?Let us know how else we might help.

You might also consider attending a Workshop or a Seminar for Couples.? Click on the Workshop area in the left hand column or go to the Home page of www.relationship-help.com

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