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Imagine! The Couples Workstation
Gary Brainerd
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The following is a description of the membership area of this web site

The following is a description of the membership area of this web site.  We hope you will consider a free trial membership in the Couple’s Workstation. 


As a Marriage Partner

©   Imagine you have a kind and trusted “consultant” who knows you well and is committed to helping you be successful in your relationship.

©   Imagine this “consultant” helps you and your partner keep track of things that are important to you in your relationship:  special ways that make you and your partner feel loved and cared about, important requests you have made of each other, areas of emotional hurt or need that require a special sensitivity.

©   Imagine this “consultant” sends you and your partner gentle periodic email reminders about these caring behaviors you each love and need.

©   Imagine a gentle encouragement to keep fun and play in your lives and provide a periodic “surprise” for each other.

©   Imagine this “consultant” teaches you and your partner secrets and skills about making relationships work and then guides you in how to use them.

©   Imagine this “consultant” helps you and your partner remember what you need and prefer on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day.  Never again will an important day be forgotten.

©   Imagine this “consultant” is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you reflect on and work on your relationship and also teach you how to reflect and work on your relationship.

©   Imagine this “consultant” provides you with a private workstation where you can reflect on and actually “work” on improving your relationship by learning a constructive way to analyze and develop an action plan for the areas of the relationship that are troubling to you.

©   Imagine this and more at a cost of less than one therapy session per year!

Believe it or not, this is actually a possibility. 


      I’m sure you have “caught on” that this wonderful “consultant” is not a real person, but our carefully designed, interactive Couple’s Work Station that offers all of these possibilities. 

      If you are in an intimate, committed relationship, we invite you to join our membership area, the Couple’s Workstation.  The cost is less than one therapy session per year.  You might want to consider joining for one month to evaluate the Work Station. The first month is free.  Then, if you wish to continue, the annual membership program will probably be preferred.     

To join, click on Join as a Member or Take the Tour on the left menu or at the top of your screen.

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