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The Couple's Garden

A Season Ticket to Each Other
The Couple's Garden is an organization that provides for regular "Smart Date Nights" for couples.  It is based on the idea that marriage is like a garden.  If you tend to it carefully, water it regularly, feed it generously, it will grow into a place that is beautiful and nourishing.  However, if it is neglected, unattended, starved, it will dry up and become an unpleasant place.  The Couple's Garden approach believes that mal-nourishment rather than pathology is a main problem for today's relationships.

Couples who join a local Couple's Garden chapter will schedule from 2-6 "dates" during the next year.  Just prior to their "Date" they will attend a 1- 1 1/2 hour seminar on the care and nourishing of relationships.  The emphasis on Couple's Garden Seminars is nourishment and enjoyment rather than on working on difficult parts of the relationship.  Couple's will receive information and suggestions about how relationships can be developed and cared for.

At the end of the Seminar, couple's are given communication suggestions on ways of building, strengthening and nourishing their relationship.  They then go to a romantic restaurant of their choice to focus on loving and nurturing each other, using the information and worksheets received in the session.




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